Fenton paid to demonise Israel

No wonder we at Fenton Communications don’t like to be asked at parties what we do for a living.

Fenton advertisement

If the PR blitz accompanying the Gaza flotilla seemed really professional, don’t be surprised Fenton Communications, contracted with Qatar to develop “a communications action plan for an 18-month campaign” aimed at delegitimizing Israel and generating international support for the Hamas-run Gaza strip, documents filed with the Department of Justice show.

The campaign, known as the “Al Fakhoora Project,” has a very visible Web presence that boasts of rallying 10,000 activists “against the blockade on Gaza.” Read in more detail at FresnoZionisn.org

Five Minutes for Israel will blog about this soon.

The Action Item?

Link to this or the blog post or FresnoZionism US PR firm paid to demonize Israel
If you, or your company or your not-for-profit are represented by Fenton Communications, as are many legit concerns, be aware of just who you are in bed with.

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