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Is arguing with idiots a waste of advocacy time?star-survey-150

Recently I seem to be spending far too much time on Facebook Pages that have neutral sounding names implying debate. They have names like Israelis vs. Palestinians or Israel Debate Palestine but debate is rare. Mostly it is libellous mudslinging, sadly from both sides; an unhealthy dose of Jew Hatred balanced by Muslim Hatred and the distribution of every viral image seemingly ever produced. They attract the nuts.

My rationale is apart from the fun in winding up the Israel haters, these groups let Israel advocates know what is out there and the opportunity to counter it early (this is especially true of photoshopped photographs, staged photographs and photographs from other areas of conflict that the haters love to distribute). By providing evidence that the lies and defamation are false advocates put weapons in the hands of supporters.

I don’t expect to change the minds of our enemies. They don’t relate to any point that exposes them anyway but I might influence the undecided. What do you think?

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