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7 February 2013

13 books from the GLORIA Center free online

A few years ago I almost worked for Professor Barry Rubin, of IDC Herzliya’s Global Research in International Affairs center AKA GLORIA Center. Not to be confused with Van Morrison and the Them‘s classic – no matter how drunk you are you can sing this – Gloria. It didn’t work out but no hard feelings. Barry Rubin is an always entertaining, always well informed and as we can see, very generous, expert on Israel, Palestine, The Middle East and American policy… So I have no reservations in recommending the Free book project. One can’t help but expand one’s knowledge and the PDF and HTML formats mean they can be downloaded to your computer. Beats reading the free newspaper they hand out on Israeli trains, by a mile.

Can’t wait until they come out on Kindle. (Hint, hint).

The GLORIA Center’s Free Books project features 13 books on our site, free and full-text to be read online or easily downloaded. The books are available in HTML and PDF and will soon be available for download in all other formats.

GLORIA invites you to take advantage of this free service, designed to promote education on Middle East, U.S. foreign policy, and other issues. We hope you find this material useful in your work, research, study, and analysis.

If you wish to make a tax-deductible contribution (in the United States, UK, or Israel) to help support this project and other GLORIA activities, please visit the donation page.


Click to link to GLORIA Center – Free book project

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