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Now, more than ever, the world is looking to the Middle East with a critical eye towards Israel, and a blind one toward the reality that is the Palestinian political game. As the peace talks commence, people without an understanding of context or historical background of the conflict will see what Israel’s detractors want them to see, as illustrated in Time Magazine’s outrageous article: an Israel that doesn’t care about peace. Share this video with your friends and family to lend a more fully realized representation of the Israeli attitude and the justification behind it. G’mar Chatima tova!


About Yoni

I'm currently and undegraduate at Tulane University in New Orleans. I hold the position of Vice President of Cultural Affairs in the Tulane University for Israel club. My past advocacy experience includes a year long internship with Legacy Heritage beginning with a six week training program in Israel summer of 2008 and extending via an advocacy project throughout the 08-09 school year. August of 2009 I became a David Project Campus fellow, attending a five day seminar in Boston University. I enjoy a good falafel and love everything Israel.
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