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star-BBC-agenda_150Here are some screengrabs from BBC coverage of the funeral of Shimon Peres z”l. Check them out before they slip into the Internet ether, never to be seen again, except by those who know where to look. 


Was it a slip or was it a subtle attempt to deny sovereignty over Jerusalem? A Prime Minister can’t be a foreign dignitary in his country’s capital city.

BTW this particular screengrab illustrates another BBC foible. Prince Charles represented the United Kingdom  The BBC didn’t think to mention him as a foreign dignitary. At almost the end of the video clip the camera was centred on him between French President Francois Hollande and Israeli Minister of Culture and Sport, Miri Regev, for about three seconds.

Shimon Peres 'emigre'.

A hint that Jews are a nation of colonisers compared to the pure, indigenous Arabs?

Technically Shimon Peres was an emigre, I suppose. One must wonder why the BBC, which notoriously describes foreign-born terrorist suspects with short and dubious connections to the United Kingdom as Britons or British residents felt the need to use that description in a headline?

Peres was born in in Wiszniew, Poland. The town is now Vishnyeva, Belarus. The population in 1907 numbered 2,650, of which 1,863 were Jews. However, the entire Jewish population has since disappeared. Most were executed by German soldiers during World War II.

The family avoided that fate when they moved to what was then the British Mandate of Palestine when young Shimon was ten years old! Or in other words, he spent most of his childhood, his teens and all his adult life as an Israeli.

City of Jaffa?

And finally a gem from Jeremy Bowen (or a BBC subeditor. Who can be sure?)

tel-aviv-yafo-fwA dream of the British Mandate pre 1948?

There is no longer a city of Jaffa (also called Japho or Joppa and of course Yafo) and there hasn’t  been for more than half a century. Tel Aviv and Jaffa were permanently unified in October 1949. The name of the unified city was Tel Aviv until August 1950, when it was renamed as Tel Aviv-Yafo in order to preserve the historical name Jaffa.

Today Yafo is a suburb of Tel Aviv and definitely does not possess independent city status. Describing the Peres Center as in the city of Jaffa is about as accurate as describing the Polish city of Gdansk as Danzig.


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