Friend a Soldier

Behind every soldier is a human being

Friend a Soldier

Military service is compulsory for most Israelis†.  The soldier is their son or daughter, father or mother, brother or sister, or themselves‡. Someone they know well.

That said, look how most media relates to Israeli soldiers. They are faceless, nameless, storyless, voiceless and constantly compared with Arab ‘victims’ portrayed to generate the most sympathy.

This is not accidental. The dehumanised portrayal of one of the most civilian armies in the world is part of the delegitimisation  plan in the Public Diplomacy war.

Friend-a-Soldier is an interactive website which allows anyone to meet, talk to and befriend an Israeli combat soldier. Your job is simple; pick a soldier, think of a question -any question …and ask away! You will receive a transparent, personal response in your e-mail inbox from the soldier you’ve chosen.

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†Arabs are not compelled although some, particularly the Bedouin, volunteer. Druze and Circassian are drafted together with the majority of Israelis. Most of the haredi ultra Orthodox receive a ‘postponement’ as permanent students and religious women can opt out although many (most?) do not and there is a National Service alternative.
‡ For the record. I served; my wife served; two of my children served and my youngest daughter is serving – now.

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