From one Khoury to another

star-Jerusalem-StoneLate addition to the BBC drops a Brick

Khoury is a very common name in the Levant, especially in Lebanon but also in Israel/Palestine. It is exclusively Christian and means Priest. Had I known about Pastor Naim Khoury while writing The BBC drops a brick I would certainly have added this†:

At great risk to his life, Pastor Naim Khoury, of the Bethlehem Baptists Church, exposed the developing threats to Christians within the territories controlled by the Palestinian Authority. “People are always telling Christians to convert to Islam.”

His ministry is based on love and non-violence. He is also a strong advocate for Zionism based on God’s land covenant with Israel through Abraham.

Because of his views, his church has been bombed fourteen times, and he has been shot three times. He has been threatened by the Palestinian Authority to close the doors of his church which they consider as “illegitimate.”

Here’s a subject for Selma Dabbagh. Imagine the conversation between the real Naim Khoury and the fictional Rasha Khoury.

Where would he tell her to shove the brick?‡

The lies they tell at St.James’s Church, Piccadilly, London,  Barry Shaw at The View from Israel blog
‡ Only figuratively, of course!

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