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The FLOtilla doesn’t float. Will the FLYtilla sink like a lead balloon?

7 July 2011

For the last ten days the LIKE for Israel team has been researching every scrap of information the Internet, Social Media and more conventional sources can provide about Flotilla II, its backers, its passengers and its links to terror. Like the tramps waiting for Godot we keep waiting. In the meantime we have created a website that although a bit clunky (mea culpa) is an invaluable source of articles (text, PDF and linked to original articles), videos, and pictures/photographs for journalists, activists and anyone working to discredit† the FLOTidiots. Some of it is not available anywhere else. Much is in languages other than English.

To my mind, the written jewel is Wolff Heintschel von Heinegg Maritime law expert: “Israel cannot and must not allow ships to Gaza” article: linked from the original German, translated to English, Spanish and Turkish. Graphically, one can’t go past Cartoons by Uri Fink. If you can’t find something by search, the next best thing is to browse by language and then type (text, PDF, links, video or image). Feel free to repost, translate, share and like.

If the boats don’t sail, what about the planes?

Yesterday morning I drafted apiece beginning with, the propaganda (or is it intelligence?) is that 600+ Palestinian refugees and/or anti-Israel troublemakers will deplane at Ben Gurion Airport and ‘demand their rights‘. They will be met by supporters in Israel, lawyers and the inevitable camera, recorders and assorted reporters‡ By yesterday afternoon it became clear that this latest piece of mass action theatre was actually going to happen.

Friday 8th, June should be the crunch day.

How you can help – join the Social media campaign

Use your Internet to spread as much counter information as possible. For example, search for Twitter feeds with tags #flytilla, #airflottilla, #bengurion, #Palestine, #Netanyahu, #july8 and see what people are tweeting. If it’s on our side, retweet (don’t forget the hash  tags – #). If neutral or hostile, send out counter arguments. I’ve prepared some I have been using in the table below. This isn’t canonical. Mix and match.

  • Not the destination ~ the journey #flytilla #airflotilla #welcometopalestine #Gaza #Netanyahu #bengurion #july8
  • Int’l law allows any country 2refuse entry #flytilla #airflotilla #welcometopalestine #Gaza #Netanyahu #bengurion #july8
  • Come 2disrupt yr country & C how it goes #flytilla #airflotilla #welcometopalestine #Gaza #Netanyahu #bengurion #july8
  • No country allows trouble-makers 2enter #flytilla #airflotilla #welcometopalestine #Gaza #Netanyahu #bengurion #july8
  • Int’l law allow refusal and immed rtn on same plane. xpensive #flytilla #airflotilla #welcometopalestine #Gaza #Netanyahu #bengurion #july8
  • No country allows entry 4purpose of disruption #flytilla #airflotilla #welcometopalestine #Gaza #Netanyahu #bengurion #july8
  • July 8 Not good day 2visit. Trouble-makers disrupt airport. No one gets in #flytilla #airflotilla #welcometopalestine #Gaza #Netanyahu #bengurion #july8

Almost famous: ‘Like for Israel’ takes on flotilla advocacy, Karolyn Coorsh, Jerusalem Post, 7 July 2011

†Apparently the correct term is delegitimise but I can’t even say it without stammering, so I don’t use it.
‡ If a tree falls in the forest and no one sees it has it really fallen? If a ratbag radicals and Islamist’s protest doesn’t get media coverage is it worth the effort?

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