George Floyd – an apt metaphor for the Palestinian cause

So much for Palestinians to identify with

Floyd was a career violent crim with convictions from armed robbery to drug possession ( a home invasion that involved pointing a gun at a pregnant woman which resulted in five-year prison sentence).  Not too smart, he was identified for the robbery because the gang used one of their own cars and the police tracked his license plate.


On the wall

His last act was getting busted for passing counterfeit bills, ironically by a Palestinian American. Treating a single event as representing all other events that, too, is very Palestinian. His death led to riots, injuries, deaths, looting and destruction with no direct or even second-hand connection to his death. Also very Palestinian.

As with Palestinian crimes, both against Israel and against Arabs his criminal record doesn’t reduce his hero status but rather enhances it. At least as far as we know his family is not being subsidised on a Palestinian pay-to-slay basis. Unless you consider George Floyd’s GoFundMe campaign, which reportedly received the most donations of all time on the platform, with more than $13,400 million raised since it was launched in late May, as a subsidy. What go you call former boxing champ Floyd Mayweather  paying $70,000 for the costs of the funeral?

At least five black people have died during the riots. I wonder who is paying for their funerals. Black-Lives-that-don’t-Matter, I guess.

As so often happens with the Palestinians the state’s explanation of cause of death doesn’t completely tie with the report their own pathologist has prepared. At least, so far, no one has claimed that he was on his way to a wedding or the dud currency was planted.

I am the first to admit that I have no idea how to subdue a large, strong, struggling man. Perhaps a knee on the neck is the effective technique? Perhaps it is used by police and security forces, worldwide?

Neck restraint

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The Minneapolis Police certainly thought so as far back as 2002, a decade before the 2012 conference where the Israel Haters in Black Lives Matter claim it was taught the technique to them.

Despite suggestions to the contrary, there is no field training involved in either the conferences or trips, and no training on holds or arrest mechanics. The exchanges, which are hosted by the Israel National Police, focus on effective counterterrorism techniques.
Steven L. Pomerantz, former Assistant Director of the FBI

People who are supposed to be setting a moral example deliberately ignored or even openly excused the rioting because somehow the individual crime of his killing justified every other crime. None of them reminded their public that the mostly likely cause of death for a young black man in America is another young black man.

Don’t get me started with the celebrity support.

Yes, George Floyd is a good fit for the Palestinians.

Extra credit

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