Good Night Irene

Jewish Boat to GazaYou have probably read about the Jewish Boat to Gaza and wondered what makes a boat Jewish. It was, after all, only a 10 metre catamaran with nine As a Jew† passengers including two journalists. By those standards any cruise ship leaving Miami is a Jewish boat.

Personally I think the IDF has it right. The ‘Irene’ en route to Ashdod Port, boarded by Israel Navy without incident, 28 Sept 2010 It is not the Jewish Boat. It is a small party of Jews on a boat called thge Irene. To honour this attempt to pretend that the overwhelming majority of the world’s Jews are not pro Israel is simply playing Destroy Israel Lobby game.

One of the many ironies of this trip that seems to be invisible to the MSM if not the eagle eyes of bloggers. To reach Israel the Irene had to depart from Famagusta in illegally Turkish-occupied Northern Cyprus. After the Turkish invasion of Cyprus in 1974, nearly all of the Greek residents of the town fled, and they have not been allowed to return. They were replaced by tens of thousands of Turkish settlers.

If you are to believe the MSM the two ‘celebrity’ activists on this trip are Holocaust survivor Reuven Moskovitz and and Rami Elhanan, an Israeli whose daughter Smadar was killed in a 1997 Palestinian suicide bombing in Jerusalem. Moskovitz’s Holocaust status is emphasized because all reports similarly emphasize it. It is as if having escaped the fascists who sought to eliminate the Jews from the world entitles you to give support to Fascism’s successors in Gaza. What is more interesting is Moskovitz’s other history. He was, for example, a founder of the Arab-Jewish village Neve Shalom. One must wonder if this failed exercise†† and the almost complete failure to convince the Israeli public of the ‘rightness’ of the approach is the reason the MSM choose not to mention this aspect of Moskovitz.

Rami Elhanan is much harder to criticise and it’s not difficult to understand the reluctance to do so. But no, Mr. Elhanan. Your daughter and the people of Gaza are not equally victims. There is a difference between the arsonist and the fire-fighter.

Bleak future

† No matter how tenuous their connection with the Jewish community or anything Jewish when it comes to libelling Israel they always speak as a Jew. 5MFI doesn’t link to websites of this type but if you were to look for it you would find a site with no Jewish content or icons, whatsoever.
†† There is no second village and this one could not survive with charity from the well meaning but naive, mainly from outside Israel. Half of its income comes from donations from the eleven International Friends’ Associations around the world. Grants are also received from foundations and international organisations such as the European Union. Some funding is available from the Israeli government and the village collects local taxes from its residents.

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