Graphics for the 3rd Intifada

3rd Intifada Graphics for the 3rd IntifadaThe Internet is buzzing with the latest Palestinian threat to start a new Intifada – the Third but I’ve yet to discover a suitable Action Item. Give it a few hours. Please be on the lookout for potential Action Items.

So rather than waste my time with productive endeavour I has prepared advance iconography.

It’s a bloodstained Palestinian flag with the number three superimposed. I would have preferred to adopt an Arabic three (٣) but the design didn’t work out as well. Why should the Palestinians have all the good gory graphics?

Clearly the design is over the top. This intifada will be, like jihad, bloodless – a struggle to improve one’s self and/or society. </SARC> And if I’m wrong? I’ll work on a ‘peaceful’ Intifada graphic. Please send your much-better-than-mine intifada graphics to Five Minutes for Israel and we’ll put them out on the Internet for everybody.

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