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star-HasbaraStand With Us25 Short Answers to Tough Questions about Israel

The enemies of Israel frequently use the language of human rights for the most inhuman of purposes. StandwithUs has produced a short, online pamphlet demolishing 25 of these claims masquerading as tough questions. Particularly appropriate now.

It should be part of the armory of anyone who considers themselves to be an advocate for Israel.

Click on this link† or the following graphic to read and download.



Question #25: Does Israel use disproportionate force became a little outdated when Al Jazeera listed the names of Gazans killed in Operation – BTW when is an operation a war? Just asking? – Protective Edge. They are disproportionately males of fighting age. A  second group of aged 40+ males corresponds to Hamas leadership.

This strongly suggests that most deaths are of combatants not innocent women and children. This must explain why so many war pornography photographs of injured children are taken from other conflicts often in other countries like Syria.

So add this to your list of answers when accused of being a disproportionate baby-killer.

  1. Israel makes extraordinary efforts to protect its citizens. Hamas only cares about its citizens when their death can be manipulated as war propaganda.
  2. Israel is unique in modern or ancient warfare in warning non-combatants to move away from military targets.
  3. Compared to the wars going on around us casualties are very low.
  4. The rate of one death approximately for every 10 sorties illustrates the care Israel takes to avoid a slaughter
  5. Hamas lies through their teeth about the number and nature of casualties.

Extra credit

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