‘The Land’ not Screw the Land

HAARETZWas anyone surprised that an Haaretz† journalist received stolen files?

Anat Kam could have tried Yediot Ahronot or Maariv, Israel’s largest newspapers but would they have accepted thousands of illegally obtained files?

Unlike Anat Kam, neither Uri Blau nor the Haaretz editors can be excused of naivity or inexperience. I’ve been looking for media and letting them know that someone at Haaretz should have been asking Uri Blau, “How did you get those thousands of classified documents? That you selectively released a few and they passed censorship is no excuse for espionage”. Don’t let the media confuse espionage with freedom of speech.

Why I was right to publish secret Anat Kam material

Anat Kam: I hope the case will be taken in proper perspective (Haaretz)

† The meaning of Haaretz (established 1919) in Hebrew is The Land.

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