Hamas on campus

star-Islamic-grad-160Hamas are coming… Hamas are coming… Too late… They’re here!

My first direct experience with Israel advocacy came with the two-year, ultimately successful fight to keep the Palestine Liberation Organisation proxy, the General Union of Palestinian Students out of the Australian Union of  (University) Students and therefore out of Australia. Ironic, looking back on that period. After all that effort the Israelis opened the stable door themselves.

Jump forward forty years (OMG) and there is no fight to keep terrorist Hamas out of campuses. They are in, they are active and however rough the Australian experience was for Jewish students we were never afraid before to show ourselves as Jews and Zionists on campus.

Perhaps most ironically Hamas is not part of the PLO which has most undemocratically been appointed sole representatives of the Palestinians but they are calling the shots.

Watch this excellent video

Exposing Students for Justice in Palestine for its Hamas links. Is it a wonder that so many parents and friends of Western jihadists travelling to Syria and Iraq to aid the self-declared Islamic State claim their children were radicalised in university?

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[Reader Warning: the Middle East Reality Check is written from an aggressively anti-Israel perspective]


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