Happy Hannuka 5776

star-hannuka-2015_150Hannuka wishes

Five Minutes for Israel wishes all our readers who celebrate it a happy Hannuka.

Chag Hannuka Sameach.

The menora/hannukia is among the most widely produced articles of Jewish ceremonial art. The seven-branched menorah is a traditional symbol of Judaism, along with the Star of David.  It has nine branches lit during the eight-day holiday of Hanukka, as opposed to the seven-branched menorah used in the ancient Temple or as a symbol, such as the emblem of the State of Israel.

The copper version above is Moroccan, created in the 19th century. It uses wicks floating in oil rather than the candles that are more common, today.

The dreidel symbol used in this 5MFI post’s five-in-a-star is a combination of spinning top and dice, used in a simple gambling game. The sides are labeled in a Hebrew acronym meaning A great miracle happened here or there i.e. Israel. The difference between versions produced for Israel and outside is the letter pay (PO i.e. here) or shin (SHAM i.e. there). Naturally we chose the local version.

As a community service we have reproduced a common version of the  rules for you and your potential or actual children to enjoy.



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