Happy Hannuka – Interesting times

5-jn-a-star Hannuka6 December 2012

Curses and blessings?

May you live in interesting times
May you come to the attention of important people
May you find what you are looking for

The weeks before Hannuka have been nothing if not interesting.

  • Israel has suffered rocket barrages in reach and severity as never before but on the other hand has demonstrated how ineffectual they really are.
  • We won/lost a small war in Gaza.
  • Palestine was voted a state  in the United Nations General Assembly. The applications from Neverland, Gondwanaland and Taiwan are still pending. I think it is generally agreed we lost that one.
  • Israel announced building permits in Jerusalem. Win or lose? They are hardly shovel ready but then again neither were the jobs Obama promised.
  • Threats to withdraw ambassadors? Is it a win or lose if the countries deny they threatened?
  • Our ambassadors summoned for what? A spanking; an explanation session to allow Israel to put her case; a cup of tea while the summoners apologise for their support of a mafia-run, terrorist-lead, Jew Hating, Christian Hating statelets that absorbs foreign capital like a sponge but never seems to produce anything but more delays at airports? OK. I guess that isn’t really a question.
  • On the home-front some really good people weren’t invited to the party for the next election. I’m thinking of Benny Begin and Danny Ayalon. Some arguably good people took their toys and went to play in someone else’s sandpit. I’m thinking Amram Mitzne and Amir Peretz. I’m still wondering what the super Ashkenazi (former) Likud princess and the super Sephardi‡, genuine Socialist, former Histradrut leader have in common. Perhaps I’m being harsh here. The new faces may make excellent MKs.

I think you see the pattern here. With these thoughts in mind I set out to design the Five Minutes for Israel Hanukka card. Would it have a political message? If so what would that message be? Perhaps I should just go for a non political dreidel or sweet kids lighting Hannuka candles?

I realised that nothing I could possibly do would be non political. Hannuka is when all is said a festival of victory, of interesting times, of not doing what the other nations wanted of us and ultimately (this is not the place for a history lesson) of gaining what you want and then not knowing what to do with it.

So I decided on a map of Israel. But what should the borders be? Showing the 1948 armistice lines, which is what the 1967 ‘borders’ really are, is that accepting the Palestinian pretensions of grandeur*? Erasing those lines could easily be interpreted as support for a Greater Israel in Judea and Samaria. Do we really want to return to Gaza?

So I decided to erase all borders and labels. Maybe that’s the most political statement of all¹?

I’m waiting to be accused of supporting an Israel including not only the Palestinian Authority and Gaza but Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon!

Happy Hannuka from 5MFI

Five Minutes for Israel
wishes a happy Hannuka
to Israel and the Jewish people

† What would we ever do without Wikipedia? May you live in interesting times
‡ Is that politically correct anymore? I’m seeing Mizrachi more and more in the media.
* For the record. A sovereign state is a political organization with a centralized government that has supreme independent authority over a geographic area. It has a permanent population, a government, and the capacity to enter into relations with other sovereign states. You could easily argue that Palestine has none of these things.
¹ What about Hebrew? Am I saying something by designing the card solely in English? Actually that was a design decision K.I.S.S.

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