Hiatus Blues

18 October 2012

Perhaps that should be China Reds?


Five Minutes for Israel hasn’t been renewed for about three weeks as I was touring in the People’s Republic of China. It is well-known that the Chinese authorities block Facebook but came as a complete surprise to me that they also block this site! It makes me feel so proud!

It will take me a while to edit hundreds of photos but I will blog on being ‘an Israeli tourist in China’ soon. Meantime here are two Israel/China – Israel/Jewish jokes to tide you over.

An Israeli businessman visits China and is asked by his hosts, “What is the population of Israel”?
He answers, “Approaching 8 million”.
“No, no, no”, his interlocutors respond, “We meant how many Israelis live in Israel. Not how many are visiting China”!

Two old Jewish ladies are chatting. (Add Yiddish accent if you desire).
One yenta asks, “Sweetie, what do you think about Red China”?
The second yenta replies, “I don’t know, Honey. It might be alright on a cream and pink tablecloth”!

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