I am not an antisemite!

Where have all the Jew Haters gone?

6 February 2012

How many times have you heard this mantra  from one of the Destroy Israel Lobby –  “Criticism of Israel is not antisemitism”? Apart from those Islamists/Muslims/Arabs who have no problem with Kill the Jews! are there any Jew Haters left?

Book cover of Wilhelm Marr's Der Weg zum Siege des Germanentums über das Judentum, 1880

Antisemitism in 1880 when still PC to admit it.

  • I always say that criticism of Israel is not criticism of Jews but nevertheless Jews are responsible for anything Israel does but I am not antisemitic.
  • I agree that the one Jewish state in the world has no right to exist but I am not antisemitic.
  • I support Islamic groups who regard killing Jews as a religious duty but I am not antisemitic.
  • I repeat classical anti Jewish tropes about the evil Israel is supposed to have done but I am not antisemitic.
  • I think the movement of Arabs less than 100 km while remaining in the historical (at least from 1919) Palestine is ethnic cleansing but the demand that all Jews be pushed out of the proposed state of Palestine (~1/2 million) is only justice but I am not antisemitic.
  • I expect Israel to behave with compassion to the Palestinians because of the Jews’ history or persecution but I excuse Palestinian misbehaviour because of their history of persecution but I am not antisemitic.
  • I regard Israel as the greatest criminal state in the world as if 192 other states don’t exist but I am not antisemitic.
  • I regard the movement of Arabs as a result of the Arab refusal to accept the state of Israel as aggression but I ignore the forced migration of a similar number of Jews from the Middle East but I am not antisemitic.
  • I cherry-pick every critical comment made about Israel, no matter the source, but I ignore what is going on under Palestinian control in Gaza and the PA against women, gays, Christians and Palestinian Muslims who don’t toe the line but I am not antisemitic.
  • I condemn the decision to declare Israel as the Jewish State as racist but ignore every Arab State including the proposed Palestinian one that declares itself to be both Arab and Muslim but I am not antisemitic.
  • I see the settlement of roughly 0.18% of the 12,061,226 km2 that are the Arab League countries as unacceptable imperialism but I am not antisemitic.
  • I don’t find it strange that every declared antisemite is also anti-Israel but I am not antisemitic.
  • If the antisemitic position is not expressed by someone wearing a swastika and a brown shirt I don’t recognise it as antisemitic but I am not antisemitic.
  • I can understand why some others are antisemitic but I am not antisemitic.
  • F@CK YOU,  I am not antisemitic.

Please feel free to add or comment on this list.

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