I Slam or not to slam, that is the question


If your opponent is of choleric temper, seek to irritate him.

Sun Tsu

It is my contention that the key to understanding, if not necessarily solving, at least half the Israel–Palestinian problem lies in understanding the Islamic objections to Israel’s existence . When a supposed expert or international diplomat proposes a solution or worse attempts to impose a solution, without factoring in Islam, an immediate red flag is raised in my mind. They just don’t get it.

As an Israel advocate I face the problem on a daily basis of how to relate to Islam in everything I write. Genrerally i don’t want to insult anyone’s beliefs. One way, much practised by the MSM is to ignore religion when reporting. They leave you to guess what Achmed, Mohammed and Nassir had in common when they attempted to blow up a plane full of passengers and why they did it.

At this point someone is bound to interject that I’m libelling (labelling?) all Muslims as terrorists. That makes me feel like Seinfeld declaring he and George were not Gay then having to furiously, politically correctly back-pedal, “Not that there’s anything wrong with that”.

I’m not sure the moderation of ‘most’ Muslims is a given or even relevant. Is it more relevant than that the German Nazis never won 50% of the vote? That the majority of adult Germans never supported Hitler enough to vote for him never stopped the R.A.F. and the U.S. Air Force from bombing the crap out of them. What I am sure about is that the Destroy Israel Lobby consists of more than a few aggressive, ‘behead those who insult Islam’ Muslims and they are easily provoked.

Here’s an example. I recently engaged in a Facebook comments‡ battle that I thought I won when I pointed out that a David Duke anti-Israel quote came from a proud racist, White supremacist and former Grand Dragon of the Klu Klux Klan. My opponent was clearly upset by this to the point that she defended Duke as simply a proud American who sees the Zionist threat to his country. Hopefully that made some of her FB ’friends’ think twice about this.

A victory? Perhaps as much as I was going to get.

† Briefly those objections are Jews (& Christians) are given three options. Firstly, convert to Islam, pay the Jizya tax and accept the inferior dhimmi status or death. Secondly any land once conquered by Islam remains part of the Islamic Wakf forever and jihad should be used to recover it. The existence of an independent Israel is not just a dispute of territory but a sacrilege to be destroyed.

‡ BTW Does anyone know how to add a dislike button to Facebook?

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