Insecurity Council

Insecurity Council

United States vetoes Security Council resolution on Israeli settlements

The other 14 members of the Council voted for the resolution, which demanded that “Israel, as the occupying power, immediately and completely ceases all settlement activities in the occupied Palestinian territory, including East Jerusalem and that it fully respect its legal obligations in this regard.”

Five Minutes for Israel is not waiting with crossed fingers for UNSC resolutions on the current unrest in Egypt, Tunisia, Bahrein, etc.  Gangrene might result.

Just for the record the Members of the UNSC are:

  • Permanent: China, France, Russian Federation, the United Kingdom and the United States.
  • Non Permanent: Bosnia and Herzogovina, Germany, Portugal, Brazil, India, South Africa, Colombia, Lebanon, Gabon and Nigeria.

If you are a citizen of these countries you should be writing to your representatives and your local media telling them of your disapproval.

But let’s be clear what really happened this week. The U.S. representative, while reluctantly casting a veto, joined the pack of jackals that seek to make Israel the culprit for all that ills the Middle East. Shouldn’t THAT be the headline?

Jennifer Rubin, Washington Post

Winners and losers from U.N. settlements vote

Who wins? Ultimately the World but they won’t appreciate the bag of worms that would have been opened. The Arabs tried to destroy Israel by conventional warfare and failed. They tried terrorism and failed. Now they want the rest of the world to do their fighting for them – and they have failed again, for now.

Had the resolution passed the inevitable next step would be to to demand sanctions and force to punish Israel under Chapter VII of the United Nations Charter. This would be the excuse for groups like Hizbullah and Hamas to increase their attacks under the pretext they are enforcing international law. Iran may join in, taking attention from their own problems with the Security Council and their own oppression of their people. It is not beyond possibility that ‘new’ regimes in Egypt and Jordan may join in especially under Muslim Brotherhood pressure and other Arab dictatorships may feel that a conflict with Israel may distract their populations from the demand for internal reform. Israel would respond in force quite possibly plunging the region into war.

Would the hypocrites in the Security Council be able to stay out of it when called to put their money where their mouths are?

Who loses? As always the Palestinians. The Security Council resolution gives the Palestinian Authority yet another excuse not to make the concessions necessary for a peace agreement and the ‘crisis’ yet another excuse to delay elections. With or without the formal backing of the Palestinian Authority enough Palestinians would delude themselves that the world would protect them if Israel responded to their terrorism to drag the PA into armed conflict and sacrifice the considerable gains they have made under the current status quo.

Who might have gained but probably won’t. America’s craven attempt to play both sides by veto and still joining the attack against Israel means that it has lost further credibility from old allies, forces for democratic change and radical Islam alike.

† My comment is still to be published at time of writing. The gist is that far from promoting peace, had the resolution been passed it could well have brought war closer.

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