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The Palestinians are often noted for appropriating everybody and anybody’s narratives. When I first became interested, in-depth, in Israel advocacy the PLO were claiming that plane hijackers and bus bombers were somehow the equivalent of Viet Cong fighting a guerilla war. So it wasn’t actually surprising that they hitched-a-ride on International Women’s Day. Nor was it surprising that they took the slogan from this year and MADE IT HAPPEN!

fake-police-pallywoodThe photograph of two Israeli police arresting a battered Palestinian woman (we know she is Palestinian because she is wearing a keffiyeh, blue jeans and a shirt with Arabic letters – don’t all Palestinian women look like this?) is the Palestinian contribution to International Women’s Day. Richard Silverstein thinks it is.

See how many problems you can find with this photograph

A Pallywood production

  • The uniforms were the first give away. Perhaps they bought the hats as a Purim costume because they definitely are not standard issue.
  • It has been suggested the משטרה (Police) on the shirts were Photoshopped in. (ht Mirel Goldenburg)  I doubt it. It is so much easier to have them ironed on.
  • משטרה (Police) should say משטרת ישראל (Israel Police).
  • The choice of font is dodgy. Compare with the lettering on the badge.
  • Is the photographer really checking his screen with this action going on before him? Not to worry. They’ll repeat it until every photographer gets it right. (ht David Oman)
  • A journalist friend pointed out the hole in the other photographer’s jeans as unrealistic. Still, I will admit we are only assuming from the stance that he is a photographer (ht David Oman).
  • Since when do police have their handcuffs dangling from their belts? Toys?
  • Is that a real pistol? I don’t know what is more worrying. that it’s a fake gun or a real one. It might be a  Beretta 71 .22LR that is issued to Israeli police but shouldn’t it have front and rear sights? You be the judge.

Beretta 71 .22LR

  • The police hats are from a child’s costume hence too small and why you’ll notice the visor is extended. (ht John Nathan)
  • The handcuff on her left wrist does not appear to be connected to the other handcuff. (ht Jeff Levy) [Plastic? Five Minutes for Israel?]
    If you see the photograph please post the one I prepared to refute it.


Who thinks the damage to her face is make-up and who thinks she took one for the team?

Extra credit

I see Israellycool may have beat me to it 🙁 Don’t let that stop you reading his account.
Latest Blood Libel: Fake Israeli Police Brutality Edition, Aussie Dave, Israellycool, 9 March 2015


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