The Irish connection?

Does your company operate in Ireland?

If it does, there are some questions you ought to be asking your PR manager. It’s time for employers to step up.

Tánaiste visits Teva

Tánaiste pays a visit to Teva’s world-leading Waterford respiratory facility

  • Has your company made an official statement about the Control of Economic Activity (Occupied Territories) Bill now before the Irish parliament?
  • Should the bill become law what actions will your company take?
  • If an official statement has not been made, why not?

The express aim of the bill is to criminalise the importation into Ireland of “settlement goods produced” or “services provided in whole or in part by an illegal settler.” An “illegal settler” is said to be a person whose presence in an occupied territory “is being or has been facilitated directly or indirectly by the occupying power.”

It is very likely that an Israeli company operating in Ireland and certain that the Israeli parent company employ staff who live in areas that the bill declares to be illegal or are using some product coming from there. The executives of these companies could face prison sentences of up to five years and/or fines up to €250,000.

A statement from your company pointing out the consequences of this bill to their operations could be loss of Irish jobs or even closing operations could be effective in persuading both the parliament and the Irish public that passing this bill would not be in their interest.

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