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Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, murderer and arms smuggler.Australia expels Israeli diplomat over forged passport

I’m writing in online comments to Australian sources that ASIO Australia’s version of the CIA and MI5, must be the only intelligence agency in the world that doesn’t use false passports when it has to. If it doesn’t it can’t be doing a very thorough job of protecting Australian security. On the ASIO website it admits legislation grants ASIO special powers to use intrusive methods of investigation under warrant in cases where they are justified by the magnitude and the immediacy of the threat and the likelihood it will occur, including special powers to intercept telecommunications, use listening devices and tracking devices, remotely access computers, enter and search premises and examine postal articles.

All of these are way beyond normal police powers. What makes them acceptable and passports not?
For a full list see Australian Security Intelligence Organisation Act 1979

To other publications I’m writing that Mahmoud al Mabhouh was a terrorist engaged in procuring arms for future murder.  Israel is at war with Hamas and Hamas is at war with Israel – no peace treaties, no hudnas, no ceasefires.

Terrorism must be countered head-on. Mabhouh had it coming to him. If Hamas operatives can’t sleep at night for fear of a hit so much the better.

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