Israeli Apartment Week

Palestinian Hypocrisy Week

7 February 2012

Annual hate-fest is back

The 8th Israel Apartheid Week which I have renamed Israeli Apartment Week as part of my ‘If you can’t beat them, LAUGH AT THEM’policy is scheduled for February-March.

If your Israel Advocacy group isn’t ready – they should start NOW!

Judging by the resource materials the Israel Hatershave stopped pretending that they promote non-violence.

IAW exploding tank poster IAW tank granny
IAW crushed tank

I guess we can forget about any mention of Syrian casualties. Projected Dates (a week can mean anything if facts don’t bother you):Action Items: Start preparing

Europe February 20 – March 10
Palestine March 12-19
United States February 26 – March 3
Canada March 5-9
Arab World March 5-11
South Africa March 5-11

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