It’s not the middle name

Obama said that “some of it (Israeli suspicion)  may just be the fact that my middle name is Hussein, and that creates suspicion.”

Israel Channel 2 interview reported by Haaretz

No, President Obama. There are real, serious and rational reasons why Israel is suspicious of you and reducing it to ‘making nice’ with Prime Minister Netanyahu won’t convince more than 5½ million Jewish Israelis, either. Come to think of it. Twenty per cent of Israel’s population is not Jewish, mainly Arab and they have their serious doubts as well.

The blogsphere has already caught this story. The MSM can’t be too far behind.

Action Items:

  • Comment on the real problems between Israel and Obama. They are too serious to pretend they are merely the Presidents name.
  • This video is really crying out for subtitles. Can someone help?

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