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9 October 2011

Perils of Internet voting hit ‘hero’ contest

When the Jewish Federations of North America introduced the Jewish Community Heroes project no one apparently warned them about possibility that Destroy Israel Lobby as-a-Jews would see this as a golden opportunity to raise their profile. Walking headlong into Internet danger the Federation compounded the error of allowing anyone to nominate by allowing anyone to vote – often.

The JVP (Jewish Voice for Peace) brought their own candidates for the title of community hero. They brought nominees whose claim to fame in the community  is campaigning as-a-Jew for BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) against Israel. The management discovered this and barred them. They are naturally miffed and claiming discrimination.

The DIVEST THIS! blog has all the details. As he says  Unfortunately, this type of respect for others is not shared by Surasky and friends who continue to demand access to other people’s organizations and platforms while greedily protecting their own civic spaces at all costs.

Divest This BDS Bozos competition

Action item: Take part in the first annual Divest This BDS Bozos competition. This is a month long quest to find the most ridiculous, hypocritical and/or downright clownish BDS campaign and/or campaigner on the planet.

Anyone else interested in submitting your own BDS Bozo can send it to  atdivestthis[at]aol[dot]com or post your nominee in the comments section. First prize will be a donation to the Jewish National Fund in the name of the winner.

Five Minutes for Israel are firm believers in the use of ridicule against those who seek to harm us.


Some of the less nerdy readers may be a little confused by the graphics accompanying this action item. In the 5-in-a-star is the Thing, clearly the most famous self-acknowledged Superhero Jew in comic books. To the right is Sabra, an Israeli superhero. Both are creations of Marvel Comics.

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  1. Harry says:

    The most ridiculous: Queers for Palestine. Everyone else is an also ran.

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