Juxtaposition – so it must be true

05 September 2012

If it was true, would it matter?

Speak of the Devil and he shows his face – or two faces

No sooner than I completed the Corrie-and-her article about using juxtaposition to imply a connection where there is none when the following juxtaposition hit Facebook. Naturally, it was claimed to show how the Israel Defence Force are Nazis.

Two girls collecting for a cause

I suppose the poster on the right is original Third Reich material but that isn’t in issue. However, when I saw the version purporting to be IDF I immediately began to get suspicious. Firstly the uniform isn’t IDF or even close. Secondly, the collecting can looked unlike anything Israel’s armed forces would use. It’s just not their style or branding. Thirdly, the magen-david just looked odd. Not the least bit feminine and sitting strangely on top of the tie. Fourthly, and by now you must be getting the message, the background is just odd. I don’t think Israel has ever used a lion in IDF advertising or such amateur graphics. Nor has it ever asked to support out troops. At least not in those words. No prize for picking more areas that aren’t quite right.

It took all of five minutes to find the original artwork – or perhaps not so original. Looking at her hands I doubt she was originally holding that money box.

No connection with the IDF at all.

Spot the differences!

Positioned together is not standing together

Girl ScoutsSpeaking as a sometime graphic artist. I can understand how different artists can take different hot girls in uniform and come up with a similar poster. If I looked hard enough I would probably find something similar from Russia, Britain, America or China. I was hoping to find something from the Girl Scouts and found this. No pigtails but close. BTW I was amazed at how many men seem to have a Girl Scout fetish. Oh well. Each to his own. 😉 Just because two artists come up with a similar graphic solution doesn’t equate their politics.

Using the comparison image

If the supposed IDF/NAZI graphic shows up post the original. The posters may not care about accuracy but others do. False but accurate shouldn’t win any argument not simply this one.

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