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star-rep-of-irelandIsraeli Tourism Posters Vandalized in Ireland

Ireland is called the Land of Saints and Scholars in popular lore, but that image has been tarnished by the actions of a small but vocal group of Israel haters. Last month tourism posters headlined “Visit Israel” with photos of smiling Israelis but no religious or political content were vandalized on the streets of Cork.

Here is one of the original posters:

Irish4Israel poster

Within a day of its debut, this poster had been vandalized and the defaced images went viral on anti-Israel websites such as Cork Palestinian Solidarity Campaign, which calls for a total cultural boycott of Israel.

Here is the same poster with the damage:

Poster vandalised in Ireland

The defaced image says Boycott Israel and claims that 530 Palestinian villages have been destroyed. Anti-Israel protesters widely circulated and celebrated the vandalism on social media sites.

BlueStar, the Californian firm responsible for the campaign, has filed a complaint with the local police. Irish supporters of Israel donated money to Irish4Israel to pay for the campaign. Irish4Israel is a grassroots advocacy group created to strengthen ties between the two countries. It has been attacked for its counter-boycott campaigns in the past.

While posters were put up in several locations in Cork City, the ones located closest to the University College, Cork were the first to be attacked. Perhaps Ireland’s “Saints and Scholars” are still located in other parts of the Emerald Isle.

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  1. David Guy says:

    Yet another IPSC success. They successfully vandalise posters.

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