I left my foreskin in San Francisco

Foreskin ManI left my foreskin in San Francisco

Email Campaign AGAINST San Francisco’s Proposed Ban on Circumcision

8 June 2011

As a general rule Five Minutes for Israel avoids specifically Jewish issues. This is not to diminish Jewish issues but a recognition that the Israel advocacy tent is wide enough to include Jews, Christians, Atheists, Agnostics and even a handful of brave Muslims†. The Jewish contingent spans a range from secular through all the streams to ultra Orthodox (Haredi) and they don’t always like each other.

In my mind the issue of antisemitic images, such as used in the disgusting Foreskin Man comic that crosses the boundary between purely Jewish and Israeli and not defeating the proposed motion to ban circumcision in San Francisco normalises the use of classical antisemitic memes and images against Israel. Consequently I support this initiative and will let the creator of this initiative speak for himself.

This VIRTUAL event was created to solicit help from my FB friends to launch an EMAIL CAMPAIGN against the City of San Fransisco, CA, to stop the proposed legislation banning circumcision.

The following is the information we will need to send e-mails to those involved explaining to them – in no uncertain terms – that banning circumcision is anti-Semitic, anti-Faith, and just plain WRONG.

Email Addresses

These are the email addresses we will need to get this initiative started. I have put them in a format that will make it easy for us to “cut and paste.” Feel free to add additional e-mail addresses as you see fit.

Email Body
Just send a brief note; nothing elaborate. They already know the issues – we just want them to know we’re watching and holding them accountable.

This is an ongoing VIRTUAL event that requires support from as many FB friends as possible. If you support this cause — and have friends that would support this as well — please encourage them to attend this mailing.

Thanks, everyone!

Michael Kaplan

Action items:


It is probably best to CC the rest.

† The tent is large. If you are Hindu, Buddhist, Jain, Mormon or whatever, welcome.

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