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NebraskaNormally I don’t write Letters to the Editor. We feel on-line comments are more immediate, less likely to lose their meaning through editing or being ignored altogether. There’s the added advantage of not having to constantly surf to the website for a week checking if it was published. Letters to the Editor take longer to compose, too.

On the plus side the three hundred words normally considered the maximum does give much more room to express an idea. On-line comments are probably best at a paragraph or even a line or two.  It’s the difference between a sonnet and a haiku.

You can send the same letter any number of times, changing details. FYI This is the letter I sent.

The question would be which is most likely to be read?

The question came about following the 3000 Jews sign petition critical of Israel non story referenced in the Are you a ‘good’ Jew? Action Item. At least four Nevada newspapers ran it (hence the Nevada icon) together with newspapers and blogs worldwide. A Google check on “3000 Jews sign petition critical of Israel” returned 104,000 results!

I was away at the Jacob’s Ladder Music Festival (Occasionally I do have a life) and didn’t

The Nevada publications serve cities with about 100,000 hard working, conservative, patriotic generally Israel-supporting citizens each. How much slow poison can they take before it begins to take effect? Even if the Letter doesn’t get published someone in the system gets the message these filler pieces are read.

The moral is, Don’t ignore the little fish – they add up.

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