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25 July 2012

Referendum on BBC Licence Fee

You may wonder why  Five Minutes for Israel is encouraging you to sign a petition to a UK Government Department . Most of us do not pay this license fee because we don’t live in Britain. No doubt, some of us who live in Britain don’t pay it either†.

Everyone in the UK who watches or records TV as it is broadcast needs to be covered by a TV licence. This includes TV on computers, mobile phones, DVD/video recorders and other devices.

The BBC or al Beeb as it is not so affectionately known is the world’s largest news source and is known for a consistent anti Israel bias. You can read more about it in Honest Reporting or read about the saga of the Balen Report. One of the reasons the BBC can do this is a unique funding system. Simply, they are funded by a tax on television sets. The annual cost of a colour TV licence is £145.50. A black and white TV licence is £49. Does anyone still have a B&W? However, any profits they make outside the UK or in  other enterprises, for example, Lonely Planet is their ‘s to keep as is the material they sell as a news agency‡. How ‘s that for a business plan?

No other business, that has to watch the bottom line, could spend an estimated £200,000 of public money fighting for three years to try to load the system against those requesting information from it. BBC British customers are forced to pay for BBC Bias whether they approve or not.

I believe a good case can be made that if the license fee was eliminated and the BBC forced to compete on the same playing field as everybody else it would have no choice but to revise its attitudes to Israel and several other subjects. Particularly if you live in the United Kingdom I commend this petition to you. There’s a long way to go before the Ministry of Culture, Media and Sport is compelled to read it.


Referendum on BBC Licence Fee

Responsible department: Department for Culture, Media and Sport

Seal of the Government of the United Kingdom

The time has come to remove the BBC’s outdated monopoly by scrapping its licence fee.

This decision should be put to the country in a Referendum with the question “Do you want to keep the BBC’s Licence Fee ? Yes or No”

† Here’s a tip. The inspectors are not allowed to enter your house to check for unlicensed TV sets if you don’t give them permission. They need a search warrant.
‡  Some say that sales to Arabic language media is the most profitable news agency product because they buy the most expensive packages including editing, subtitling, etc. Who can blame the network for slanting their reporting to what the customer wants to hear? (Actually anyone who still believes in journalistic integrity or the BBC obligation to neutrality, could).

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