Like normal states

Nuclear Weapons

We will be a normal state when we have the first Hebrew prostitute, the first Hebrew thief and the first Hebrew policeman.

Haim Nachman Bialik

We have all that but will we be normal if/when we have nukes?

One of the standard points that came up when I was speaking on the BBC was that Israel should be treated like any other country, no special treatment. Actually that was the name of the session. Is Israel a special case? And should Tiger Woods just play golf? By this it was clearly understood that means Israel is obliged to accede to the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty (NPT) and must give up nuclear weapons.

I also want Israel to be like other countries, also. Like China, America, Russia, the United Kingdom and France.They all have nuclear weapons and in addition have all been in big and small wars over the last half century. Like India and Pakistan, the second and fifth largest armies in the world who have never signed either and have nuclear weapons. The wars India and Pakistan fought have been with each other†.

What makes them ethically superior to Israel? There is a difference, of course. The numbers of deaths they have caused and in some cases are still causing by these normal countries dwarfs the casualties in all Israel’s wars.  … And they don’t have to put up with the same crap that Israel does, either.

I’d have no trouble giving up the prostitutes and the thieves which probably would mean the police would have nothing to do. In the same spirit Israel would have nothing to do with any nuclear weapons if our neighbours, ‘friends’ and allies didn’t constantly reinforce our sense of need for them.

† If you forget the The Sino-Indian War of 1962. Most people do.

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