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Open ThreadWhy is there so much media coverage on Israel and why is so much of this negative?

The usual suspects are anti-Semitism and the Red-Green Alliance (Leftist and Islamists). ‘Television News’ in the New English Review puts us behind the scenes and makes us privy to structural reasons for bias that non journalists just aren’t aware of.

Super simplified the argument is that news agencies find selling anti Israel news to the Arab states very profitable so they produce more of it, tailor-made.

Associated Press Customised News

How does this apply to Five Minutes for Israel?

We don’t normally target the news agencies. Not because it’s not warranted but because others such as Honest Reporting, CAMERA and Biased BBC are doing an excellent job. We prefer to target smaller organisations who depend on the agencies for material, or even worse accept the free offerings of the Destroy Israel Lobby.

It gives a sense of perspective to our comments knowing the medium is the media is the message.

New English Review

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