Melanie Phillips in Jerusalem

Honest Reporting have generously uploaded the entire video of Melanie Phillips‘s speech Western Jewry – Paying the Price for Gaza in Jerusalem on the 27th. Israel advocates who were unfortunate and didn’t hear her in person get a second chance. It’s an hour well spent. So what is there to write about?

Melanie Phillips #4The Phillips Plan

  1. Educate the uneducated
    1. … in the history of Jews and Israel to show that the Jews are the only people with an entitlement to this land
    2. Palestinian identity is an artificial construct invented solely to exterminate the legitimate claim of the Jews
    3. The reality of Arab antisemitism
    4. Reclaiming the word Zionism. The people – the book – the land
  2. Delegitimise the delegitimisers
    1. Firstly the United Nations
    2. Help launch an independent commission of international lawyers and jurists to investigate UNRWA/Hamas and the UN Commission on Human Rights
    3. Call Israel’s ‘allies’ to account for their silence on the attacks on Israel and the Jews and their false claims on the legality of settlement and occupation
    4. Call the UK government to task for incentivising Hamas by threatening an arms embargo
    5. Call all governments for incentivising terror by calling on Israel to concede more and more in response to Arab terror
    6. Call Western progressives for backing racist, ethnic cleansing of the Jews
  3. Position Israel at the forefront of the global battle for civilisation
    1. For Western civilisation and freedom against religious fascism
    2. Hamas, Hezbollah, the Islamic State and the Muslim Brotherhood are backed by Qatar, Turkey and Iran
    3. Both Sunni (Saudi Arabia) and Shia (Iran) are united by a war on the free world
    4. Victory for Hamas in Gaza is a victory for the West’s enemies and defeat for Hamas makes the West stronger
    5. Britain and America rely on Israel’s expertise in dealing with terrorism
    6. Islam is infiltrating the West not phsically as with tunnels but culturally

Slanting the newsThe best quote

Commenting on the actions of retailers who removed Kosher goods from their shelves to avoid Gaza demonstrators disrupting their stores:

First they came for the pickled cucumbers , then they came for us.

After the speech

After a speech, such as this, there is an opportunity for public questions but I missed out but I was able to asked them afterwards. I hope Ms. Phillips doesn’t object to me replaying them here.

My first question was that being in the unique position of being both a critic and an employee of the British Broadcasting Corporation what could be done about BBC bias on Israel. Her answer was most depressing – nothing! That should stop us continuing work on the petition. Five Minutes for Israel still believes a little is better than none.

My second question is if she opposes the Two State solution what is her solution. Her answer was something all Israel advocates should consider.

The question is like asking should the Sudetenland have been part of Germany or Czechoslovakia? Deal with the threat first and worry about solutions later.

Extra credit

Melanie Phillips Panorama

Photography by David Guy. Advocates feel free to share or use on your blogs.


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