star-ashamed-150This one is puzzling

The hasbara war is fought, at least in the social media, seemingly in a battle of memes. You must have seen hundreds of snarling pussies, exasperated babies and intoxicated, reverse-capped youths each with a different funny label telling you exactly what they are thinking.

The photograph below puzzled me.

  1. Did someone go to considerable difficulty to construct a poster, complete with dripping-blood and non-dripping letters and then leave space to write in by hand whatever it is that pops your cork?
  2. Did the girl in the photo take the trouble to tear some paper and write her message and then paste it over the original? If so, what was the original message?
  3. Was it all entirely photocopied  and the poster really say something benign, like “Go All Blacks”!?
close up

Close-ups on the carefully constructed blood-spattered white-on-black letters and the handwritten object of derision (ripples are probably jpeg artifacts)

Create your own better meme

As a public disservice I have erased the black-on-white. I am very proud to be an Israeli. Write in (probably a computer graphics programme is advisable) what ever you are ashamed to be. I’ll be chuffed if I receive a copy.

write your own meme
My opinion for what it’s worth

It’s not definite but I’m pulling for answer #1. The white lettering looked so deliberate while the black lettering so spontaneous and non graphic-artisty. Miscalculating the distance to the edge of the white and being forced to add an extra line, is another giveaway. The rough edges of the meme-space look brush-drawn by hand or more accurately like space left when blacking the canvas but I’m less sure of that.

So say something , blondie!

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