Mission accomplished, WTF?†

Bandaid aid for GazaViva Palestina and George Bush declare=George Galloway and Viva Plasticina are about to stage a Viva Palestina Convoy Celebration Day on Tuesday 23 in honour of Viva Palestina Convoy to Gaza. It will take place at The Conway Hall, Holbein, London. Moncure Daniel Conway (1832 – 1907) in whose name Conway Hall is dedicated is probably rolling in his grave, as a humanist and committed Christian, at being identified with suicide bombing, throw your opponents of the roof, radical Islam.

At the time I prepared this graphic in ‘honour’of Galloping George being kicked out of Egypt. Click on the right-hand graphic to see it in full size.

Please use it freely to ridicule this group. I promised myself to be neutral and bipartisan when ridiculing George Galloway but I couldn’t resist when I saw VIVA PLASTICINA declaring MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. After their success in being declared persona non grata in Egypt and their ‘principled’ opposition to moving any aid through Israeli channels they have no choice but to try again by sea. Israel advocates will have some work to do, then.

As with all artwork on this site, the copyright remains with the creator but it is license free for Israel Advocacy Purposes. More about graphic issues here.

†I know I’m treading close to breaking rule no.1 of the Guidelines. So if someone feels offended or doesn’t know the acronym it means Worse Than Failure OR World Taekwando Federation OR World Time Format OR Windows Text File.

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