Mona Seif

Mona Seif in Tahrir Square

Mona Seif – will she take the prize?

Mona Seif supports blowing up gas pipelines, invading embassies and attacks on civilian targets. She helps impoverish her country, ruin its reputation and was unintentionally responsible for sending it back to the 7th century. Soon, she might be awarded a human rights prize for her efforts.

Mona Seif, for many the face of Egypt’s Arab Spring has been nominated for the Martin Ennals Award for Human Rights Defenders 2013. Given the names on the jury, I guess her support for overturning the sovereignty of foreign embassies; military-type attacks on the gas pipeline between Egypt and Israel; rocket attacks on civilians and the just the plan classiness of repeatedly tweeting #F*ckIsrael† won’t be a great hindrance.

Be careful what you wish for

One of many ironies is that as an outspoken secularist (no headscarf and she definitely doesn’t know her place as a submissive woman) she is at risk from the same Muslim Brotherhood government that she unintentionally put into power. At least she knows the trial she will receive if she receives one, won’t be military. I hope that provides some satisfaction.

All in EnglishAccording to the Martin Ennals site the purpose of the award is to provide protection through international recognition. Expect exile in Paris, London or New York in her future. Then let’s see what she says.

In other forums I suggested that we could consider the possibility that her anti Israel rants are mainly for the purpose of credibility in Egypt. She undoubtedly is accused of being a Zionist agent or even a Jew. It’s a reflex charge against anyone who rocks the Islamic boat or the military status quo and the easiest defence is attacking Israel. It won’t cost her anything – except maybe a human rights prize 😉

On the other hand. The tweets she sends have all the deep feeling of someone who has drunk the poison of incitement against Israel all her life. Her mother, Laila Soueif, when asked about her experience of hunger striking for 22 days in response to her son and fellow activist, Alaa Abd El Fattah, being imprisoned and tried by a military court last year, responded, “What I did was nothing compared to the Palestinians”, (sic. mass hunger strikes by Palestinian prisoners in Israel jails). Rotten fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Sinai pipelineThere are so many other ironies in this story. The gas pipeline does, of course, supply Israel, which has other options. It also is the sole gas supply for Jordan, which has no other option. So in applauding Arab terrorism she is ensuring a cold winter for other Arabs.

Indeed, she is helping to ensure more misery for Egypt’s poor. Israel and Jordan don’t pay for gas that is not delivered and gas and petroleum exports are Egypt’s most important earner of foreign currency now that tourism has tanked.

Even if Jordan does make the payments Egypt stays in the red. In a development that makes the scorpion and frog fable seem almost rational Egypt exports gas to Jordan at $5 per million Btu while Egypt will import gas for over $10 per million Btu from Algeria.

Palestine flag on Israeli EmbassyTahrir Square shenanigans, where Seif gained her rep, played a part in the demolition of the tourism industry as well. When CNN and Fox show potential tourists videos of European women being sexually assaulted (I have to assume Seif opposed that) and embassies sacked, something she definitely supported, tourists look to a less life-threatening locale.

Tourism once provided direct jobs for nearly three million people, critical income to more than 70 industries and 20 percent of the state’s foreign currency — now desperately needed to prop up the plummeting Egyptian pound. Some of those tourists were despised Israelis and many came to Egypt after visiting Israel.

Another BDS fail

A final irony. She is studying the BRCA1 breast cancer gene and its mutation pattern in Egyptian patients. Three mutations in BRCA1 have been reported to account for the majority of Ashkenazi Jewish patients with inherited BRCA1-related breast and/or ovarian cancer: 185delAG, 188del11 and 5382insC in the BRCA1 gene. In fact, it has been shown that if a Jewish woman does not carry a BRCA1 185delAG, BRCA1 5382insC founder mutation, it is highly unlikely that a different BRCA1 mutation will be found.

Let me not delude you. I don’t really understand that bio-med that I copied from Wikipedia‡. What I do understand is this.  If this is a problem that effects Jewish women there is almost a 100% probability that the leaders in the field will be Israeli/Jewish researchers mostly working out of Israeli hospitals and universities. From lack of choice, if she really is competent, she almost certainly will have to build on the research by the hated Israelis. Another BDS fail.

FuckIsraelShe was highly insulted that Human Rights Watch wanted a stop to Palestinians attacking civilian targets – an undisputed war crime. Does that mean HRW will disqualify her? IMHO not likely given their record on attacking Israel.

For the record the Jury is composed of the following NGOs:
Links to NGO Monitor analysis of NGOs working in this area. Those groups in bold text have a reputation for actively working against Israel.

  • Amnesty International,
  • Human Rights Watch,
  • Human Rights First,
  • Int’l Federation for Human Rights,
  • World Organisation Against Torture,
  • Front Line Defenders is a legally registered Irish charity.  They consider the International Solidarity Movement a non violent organisation working peacefully against Israeli occupation of the West Bank.
  • International Commission of Jurists,
  • German Diakonie, German Protestant relief organisation originally founded to provide relief for Germans after WWII. One project in West Bank and Gaza.
  • International Service for Human Rights Geneva based group Randa Siniora,Executive Director of the Palestinian Independent Commission for Human Rights and board member of Al-Haq was a board member 2005-2011
  • HURIDOCS human rights organisation use information technologies and documentation methods to maximise the impact of their advocacy work. Nina Atallah from Al-Haq was a member of the advisory board.

Mona Seif

About the 5-in-a-star. Loyal Five Minutes for Israel readers know that we occasionally award a red clown nose to people whose misinformation, nastiness or just plain gormlessness towards Israel deserves a special prize. When I saw the shot of Mona Seif in profile I realised that a snoz like that should not be hidden behind a sphere of cheap rubber. So the clown nose was placed behind it to highlight it in all its Jimmy Durante glory.

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† I don’t have a great problem with the famous ‘F-word‘. I just want to avoid being filtered out of some social media sites.
‡ My wife, a professional biochemist, assures me that the science makes sense.

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Mona Seif

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Mona Seif in Tahrir SquareBy Lilian Wagdy (DSC_4964  Uploaded by The Egyptian Liberal) [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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