Moral flagging

Yet another Palestine flag to fly in Ireland

I hope that PM Netanyahu or someone has the gumption to tell visiting Irish Foreign Minister Simon Coveney how pissed off we are by yet another Irish local council flying the red, black, white and green (like most Arab states in various combinations) Palestine flag in solidarity with the people of Palestine.

Assuming they don’t Five Minutes for Israel has a graphic solution.

Nth Ireland flag

Red Hand banner of Northern Ireland

Moral flagging AKA virtue signalling is defined as taking a conspicuous but essentially useless action ostensibly to support a good cause but actually to show off how much more moral you are than everybody else. Ireland is doing this literally by council after council deciding to fly Palestine’s flag.

Why shouldn’t Israeli councils fly the red hand banner of Northern Ireland to show that we can be as asinine as the South Dublin County Council and interfere in a dispute where we clearly have no real knowledge and no dog in the fight?

Raising the flag to signal up yours.

The flag was a civil flag for Northern Ireland, but the status of this was abolished when the Belfast Stormont assembly was closed down in 1973. Thereafter, the Union Flag was made official for all purposes in Northern Ireland.

However, the red hand flag is still used by the Northern Ireland team at the Commonwealth Games in all European and world football events.

The flag is flown freely during the summer marching season. It  is deployed frequently by the Ulster Volunteer Force and other loyalist paramilitaries (including the Red Hand Commandos).

Flying the flag in Israel should really piss off the Republicans who still dream of a united Ireland but see nothing inappropriate making the Palestine flag the first and only flag of another nation, excluding visiting dignitaries, to be flown over their local government buildings.

Also if you look at the example posted the star of David is prominent and indicates a clear Jewish/Israeli/Zionist conspiracy! </sarc>

Northern Ireland flags

Unionist Pro Israelis and Republican Pro Palestinians clash in Belfast (Anorak)

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