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It’s all the fault of those damn Jews

The Pope has just announced that Israel’s occupation of the West Bank is unacceptable and is responsible for the emigration of Christians from the Middle East. The UN should force Israel out.

OK, the language was more convoluted but that is the essence. It’s probably not all that important to millions of Catholics that the latest announcement from Rome is arrogant nonsense.  Christian Copts in Egypt, whose presence far predates the Muslims, who face persecution, discrimination, humiliation, and over all subjugation in their homeland and the Jews have nothing to do with it. Iraqi Christians, nearly half of whom have fled the country since 2003, don’t even share a border with Israel. There have been no Christians in Saudi Arabia since about the 10th century and even importing a bible is forbidden.

It has nothing to do with Israel. The irony is that the only country in the Middle East where Christians are increasing in number is … you guessed it, Israel. Israeli suicide will make no difference.

The Christians fleeing the Middle East has been continuous since the whole region was conquered and occupied, beginning in the 7th century, by the Muslims. Syrian Catholic Patriarch of Antioch said at the Synod of Middle East Bishops preceding the Pope’s homily, “The Koran gives Muslims the right to judge Christians and kill them with Jihad”.

We guess the Pope wasn’t listening.

This is a major public diplomacy step in the delegitimising of Israel and not incidentally the continuing persecution of Christians in the Middle East. It will be very difficult to counter but that shouldn’t stop us trying.

†There’s one born every minute. (Apologies for incorrect Latin)

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