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Let's bucket ASAThe Advertising Standards Authority (UK) attack on the Israel Government Tourist Organization for implying the Western Wall (Kotel) is in Israel still has plenty of leg.
Now is the time for Lawyer Advocates.

A quick check with Wikipedia† shows the United Kingdom involved in nine territorial disputes around the world.

Territorial disputes involving the United Kingdom
Territory Other Claimants
Chagos Archipelago Mauritius, Seychelles
South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands Argentina
Falklands Islands Argentina
Akrotitiri Sovereign Base Area and Dhekelia Sovereign Base Area Cyprus
Carlingford Lough and Lough Foyle Ireland
Gibraltar and the Isthmus connecting Gibratar to Spain Spain
Rockall Ireland, Denmark, Iceland
Stovilia Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Cyprus
Antartica‡ Chile, Argentina

For all I know, the British have the best claim in all these disputes. I believe Israel has the best claim in the Jerusalem dispute. Some or all of these territories are tourist destinations and they are advertised.

Five Minutes for Israel wants to force consistency from the ASA. If Israel can’t advertise Jerusalem because it might mislead tourists to believe in Israel’s claims then we want a ruling that Britain can’t advertise any of these places because ownership is disputed. The storm over Jerusalem will be nothing in comparison.

As we saw in the Kotel case, all it takes is one complainant and a researcher to locate advertisements.

Perhaps the embassies of all these other countries might be delighted to join us in the complaint, further embarrassing the British Government and the Advertising Standards Lack of Standards Authority.

Advertising Standards Authority

† This isn’t an academic paper. I can source Wikipedia if I want to.
‡ Add Brazil. Peru. Russia, South Africa, Spain, United Stated as countries who have reserved their rights to make claims (if someone finds something valuable).

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