No man is an Eiland

Maj.-Gen Eiland presented Chief of the IDF General Staff Ashkenazi a 100-page report detailing findings of internal probe into ‘Mavi Marmara’ interception. He said he found “operational mistakes” rather than “failures.” The closest thing I’ve found to an official summary of the report is here at the IDF spokesman’s office†. A good advocate should read it.

Expect some predictable responses:

  • The report didn’t go far enough. Nothing short of a recommendation for mass suicide in remorse would go far enough.
  • The report can’t be trusted. Don’t blind me with facts. Jews lie. Israel has been guilty for 60 years.
  • Israel must apologize and compensate the nine Turkish citizens killed, including one holding a U.S. passport. Perhaps we can make a deal? Israel apologizes to the Turkish thugs and Turkey apologizes for Erdogan’s moral and political support of the IHH.
  • The world has already condemned Israel. Who needs a report?

Report or no report we can only hope the IDF and the Foreign Ministry has learnt lessons for the next round. See: Be pro-active. Libyan Flotilla is on way to Gaza.

† I’m curious what the media and blogs were jumping to comment on if the report in Hebrew or any other language hasn’t been made public, yet.

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