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Your ad was not approved because your Page has not been authorised to run ads related to politics and issues of national importance!

I guess 5MFI won’t be advertising in Facebook any more.

Boost your postAnyone who ever administers a page in Facebook has seen this message about boosting your latest post. On occasion Five Minutes for Israel has taken advantage of the offer when I thought a specific post was important enough or universal enough for a little extra effort (and cash). Air BDS and airbnb delete or deactivate fell into this category.

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I guess not any more. This blog can’t advertise comment on politics or issues of national importance? Are we authorised to sell sunglasses?

So how does one get authorised?

Following through on their suggestion, I clicked on a link and was presented with what I thought was an odd question. Where do I live?


Oh joy, I am authorised to target readers in Israel and only Israel.  As Five Minutes for Israel only appears in English, advertising is not likely to be all that effective in Israel.

It seems that only US, UK and Brazilian advertisers can authorise their pages for political and issues of national importance and then presumably only target residents of those countries.

Perhaps, Australia and Ireland?

BTW Facebook continues to ask me to boost the posts they have already rejected.

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