Hamas cartoon – not for humans

Action ItemsIt’s hard to believe that Hamas could top the homicidal Mickey Mouse but they have. This is a breaking story that is entering the world’s media as I type. Hamas have released a cartoon showing Noam Shalit, Gilad Shalit’s father wandering empty streets until as an old man he is presented with his son in a coffin.

There is no question that keeping a soldier captive without access to the Red Cross is a breach of all conventions on the treatment of prisoners. To torture his parents is probably not against conventions because no one could have imagined the depths Hamas could reach.

By contrast despite the state of war, personal animosity and Gilad Shalit doctors from Barzilai Hospital, Ashkelon gave emergency life saving treatment to the daughter of Fathi Hamad, who serves as interior minister in Gaza’s Hamas-run government today. She was then passed on to the Jordanians. Hamas leader’s daughter on mend in Jordan: medic (AFP) I intend to stress this contrast when I comment.

Hamas cartoon about Gilad ShalitThis is a screen grab from the Hamas cartoon not a link. Five Minutes for Israel does not link to Destroy Israel Lobby sites. No doubt it will be up on YouTube in hours.

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