Nu, New Neo Nazi?

5-in-a-starAntisemitism has been abolished!?

Hate tip for Israellycool for catching the story of Gabriel Diaz, the black, Dominican, New York cabbie suspended for wearing a Nazi armband.

Most ridicule the naivety of a black man making common cause with a group that despises him. Why should anyone be surprised?

We have Queers for Palestine; any number of Christians for Palestine; feminists for Palestine and any number of liberal and/or left groups for Palestine.  All of them are working against their basic interests. So why should a black man vocally proclaiming his allegiance to Hitler’s legacy stand out among the morons?

His defence was the more interesting story.

I don’t hate Jews. I’m critical of them, but I don’t hate them. That doesn’t mean that I’m anti-Semitic. That don’t make me a hater.

That’s barely a millimetre from the Arab/Muslim, Leftist/Liberal  Israel Haters’ mantra, Criticism of Israel is not antisemitism. I don’t see anything particularly original about Diaz so I’m willing to bet that argument came straight from a National Socialist website. Antisemitism, I prefer to use Jew Hatred, has been stripped of all meaning. In true postmodern style if the word is banned or altered beyond recognition the concept no longer exists.

One can only guess at his criticism of the Jews. Pushy, clanny, greedy, nit-picky, stingy, scheming misers; control the Government (and presumably New York’s Taxi and Limousine Commission); own the media. the stock exchange, the courts; … and don’t get me started on J.A.P.S, guilt-inducing Jewish mothers, nerdy ineffectual Jewish men  … and I haven’t mentioned sucking the blood metaphorically and in reality of Palestinians.

Hitler with armband

Just a critic.

None of these traditional Jewish stereotypes is antisemitic any longer – just criticism.

If we add to that redefining antisemitism to include Arabs there is nothing left. BTW Hitler was not antisemitic. He had nothing, in particular, against Arabs who became his allies. Clearly he was just a critic.

Antisemitism has been abolished!

Gabriel Diaz, winner of Five Minutes for Israel Red Clown Nose award.

Gabriel Diaz, winner of Five Minutes for Israel Red Clown Nose award.

Extra credit

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