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Urge Trudeau to Reverse His U.N. Vote Against Israel

Are you Canadian? Are you offended, as you should be, about Canada voting for a North Korean sponsored resolution that rebukes Israel while giving a free pass to Palestinian incitement and terrorism by Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the Palestinian Authority.

Join UN Watch and petition Prime Minister Trudeau.

THERE’S STILL TIME FOR CANADA TO REVERSE ITS VOTE: the resolution will come up for a second and final vote at the U.N. General Assembly in mid-December.


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BTW Australia ABSTAINED! That is still better than the YES vote of 164 states.

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Maple Leafs fans wear bags on their heads

Toronto Maple Leafs fans wear bags on their head during a game in Florida.

We were inspired by the reaction of some Toronto Maple Leafs fans to a dismal season.

Photograph: Lynne Sladky/AP


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