Darn the time difference but reports like this one will be coming up soon. Be looking for them.

Nightly News Note the misleading statement that Israel is building settlements in the largely Arab East Jerusalem. Ramat Shlomo is entirely Jewish and any new housing will have only Jewish neighbours.

I have heard a report but haven’t been able to confirm it that Obama refuses to be photographed with Netanyahu. The meeting will be behind closed doors so that may be the reason.

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2 Responses to Obama~Netanyahu

  1. I was so disappointed with the way some individuals criticize Israel, But what I know is that Jerusalem belongs to Israel and I will gladly say it and teach it anytime any day. You have won.

  2. amensch says:

    When Obama got the nomination his wife Michelle said that for the first time in her adult life she was proud of her country. This week I can say after witnessing Obama’s treatment of Netanyahu that for the first time in my adult life I am not proud of an American president. Even Jimmy Carter was more respectful of Menachem Begin even though it was obvious that there was no mutual admiration. Here we have an American President dissing the leader of the only democratic country in the Middle-east, a leader who on the issue of Jerusalem has wide bi-partisan support ( I guess for Israel it is really multi-partisan)something Obama lacks on almost all issues. Obama insults not only Netanyahu but a country that shares with America the same Judeo-Christian values and favors instead those that share the values of the perpetrators of 9-11. Yes there was dancing in the streets and handing out of candy in Ramallah and Gaza on 9-11. In fact he also insults Jews everywhere when he insults the Jewish homeland.

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