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BBC Persian ‘personality’ supports Hezbullah …
no one cares

How can the BBC continue employing someone who proudly parades with the Hezbollah flag?

Just what is Ali Alizadeh’s official position with BBC Persian? We’ve seen him labelled as commentator. We have seen him labelled as Iran expert. He certainly appears often on the BBC. 

Are there more than one Ali Alizadeh? It appears to be a common Iranian name including a famous footballer and an Iranian Australian academic. Decide for yourself.

The BBC has multiple non English services that are near impossible to monitor without a good knowledge of that particular language. So HT Iroon and Freedom Messenger – Ghasedane Azadi for bringing it to our attention.

Ali Alizadeh screen grab

Ali Alizadeh didn’t hide his support for Hezbollah at a recent Destroy Israel march. It appeared in his Facebook page with a detailed explanation of why he supports the Lebanese terrorist group. It has been since taken down/hidden but not before I had a chance for a screengrab and copied the text. Apologies for the very shonky translation. Alizadeh writes in Farsi and the translation is Facebook’s own.

This is the FB translation of his post.
Why am I protecting the Hezbollah?

The party of the world is the and the western governments of the Lebanon party. They lie. They are the same relationship who have defended the mnạf‘shạn of Taliban and al-Qaeda and ISIL and jndạllh in public or secret. Hezbollah is the most bright national liberation forces of the third world in contemporary history. It is also known as the algerian independence. In this world, the Arab leaders in the region had failed to be defeated or submitted to the western colonialism in the area of Israel or surrender, the party was the only power that took over Israel for the last seventy years. A failure to prevent a lot of and the inherent development of Israel, not only in Lebanon. Hezbollah is the only power that has been sent back to the borders of Israel in 2000, in 33, for the second time in 2006, for the second time in the middle east. The humiliation and peace has imposed upon Israel a long time.

Progressive positions and cultural Democrats of Lebanon and his pledge to the lebanese civil democracy (with all the grievances of the Shia and), and his coexistence with Christians and sunnisand, and the force from all other groups of Islamist groups. And a template for the moves movement and st‘mạrstyz.
In recent years, the party of the western government and the area of the western government and the area of the region has made a false belief that the Iranian government will spend the rest of his people in Lebanon. The support of the United States is part of the state of the U.S. government to stop security and economic sanctions. Iran’s authorities have been avoided by the comment of the Hezbollah, and the of the emptiness and the silence of the emptiness and the silence of the emptiness.

Iran’s connection with the Mediterranean Sea, near the Israeli border, which is an external tumor in the middle east, and the state of development and the state of development and the government of the Arab world, as the-Year-old war is United, not a reason. It’s not ideological. The create depth of the is a strategic depth to support the support of the Lebanese in Lebanon.

Critics and opponents are explicitly lying. The security of Hezbollah for Iran and the region has more than billion billions of Saudi and Qatar and Emirates. The total cost of Iran for the hezbollah and the last five years has not been a-Year-old. The desire to have an alliance with the Hezbollah. But governments know that without belief published by the Islamic Revolution of billion and seven, it could not be a young group like the Lebanese Hezbollah. They want to impose the support of the Hezbollah, to the government of Iran, because Israel can be invaded by Lebanon and Syria, without the arms of the western borders of Iran.

The relationship of Iranians and Shia Islam in Lebanon is a-Year-old relationship and the most strong relations in Iran. The Lebanese party of Lebanon has also shown the closest and most reliable force to the Iranian nation. If it was not, and if this connection was only tactical, Iran’s investment in the past few decades had invested a government-funded government in the field of National Security. What happens to the party is not even adopting the child of Iran and part of our family.
The Hezbollah was the most popular member of the Arab world after Syria. In these years, the governments and turkey and Qatar and Qatar and Qatar in Syria had the most cost with young youth and r‘nạysh and reputation and reputation in the region. I believe the ash of Syria, which frvbnshnyd frvbnshnyd, ordinary people, and the streets of Arabic and the city of Arabic, is not the party, which is the only true force of resistance against Israel.

In The United Kingdom, the flag of the Hezbollah flag is punishable by anti-terrorism laws. Not that the police did anything during the al Quds march. the United Kingdom has proscribed Hezbollah’s paramilitary External Security Organization Hezbollah’s military apparatus including the Jihad Council, but not the organisation’s political wing. A distinction without difference.

The BBC says

BBC Staff, BBC Correspondents on non-staff contracts and freelances primarily known as BBC news and current affairs presenters or reporters

It is essential that BBC staff, BBC correspondents on non staff contracts and freelances known to the public primarily as presenters or reporters on BBC news or current affairs programmes do not undertake any off-air activities which could undermine the BBC’s reputation for impartiality. Nothing they do or say should bring the BBC into disrepute. No off-air activity, including writing for newspapers, magazines or websites, writing books, giving interviews, making speeches or chairing conferences should lead to any doubt about the objectivity or integrity of their work for the BBC. If BBC journalists, presenters or reporters publicly express personal views off-air on controversial issues, then their editorial or on-air role may be severely compromised.

So why is Ali Alizadeh still working for the BBC?

Follow up

I have made a formal complaint to the BBC not that I have any confidence in them. The BBC complaint procedure is notoriously designed to deflect complaints.

We shall see.

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