Omar wasn’t a terrorist but Ahmed was

29 November 2012

Will the BBC amend the story?

In If I was a Hamas PR guru … I would take lessons from the BBC, 5MFI accused the BBC of shilling for Hamas exactly as their media section would have directed. Now a major hat-tip to BBC Watch for BBC employee: “What was done by the Jews is a shame for the entire Umma”

Jihad Masharawi, the tragic death of whose infant son Omar became a major BBC story was well aware that his brother Ahmad, who was injured in the same attack was a Hamas member. Read the article and ask yourself. If these are the staff the BBC hires, how can we expect anything but Palestinian Islamic propaganda to come out?

Thanks to Allah, the Lord of the Universe, who chose him [i.e. Ahmed] to be a martyr, from all the people. What was done by the Jews is a shame for the entire Umma [Islamic nation], a shame for the West, a shame for the Arabs, who are silent. The entire war struck only the children and the innocent. They didn’t hit a single muqawim [resistance fighter], nor anyone who works for the government, or whatever.

Jihad Masharawi

I can only echo BBC Watch. The BBC filmed and broadcast Ahmad being buried as a Hamas martyr. How believable is it they unaware of the Masharawi family’s connections to Hamas?

Brother of BBC man a known Hamas terrorist

BBC employee Jihad Masharawi mourns while his brother, wrapped in a Hamas flag is buried.

Read the entire article: BBC employee: “What was done by the Jews is a shame for the entire Umma”, BBC Watch, 28 November 2012


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