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21 February 2012

Nothing we want or use

A poster from the BDS is making the rounds (hat tip Jews News). It essentially lists major brands with Israel connections†, such as CNN, Coca Cola, IBM, Calvin Klein, MacDonalds. It is difficult to understand what BDS hopes to gain by news organisations boycotting Israel, even those like the BBC who do it from a distinctly anti Israel point-of-view,  but logic and a firm grasp of reality is not known as BDS characteristics.

Still, it occurred to me that a counter poster listing Palestinian products to boycott is in order. That posed a problem. Firstly, there is very little that comes out of Palestine that is available to boycott. Secondly, most if not all the companies to be boycotted also do business with the Palestinians so a boycott would rebound on the people BDS imagines they are helping. Finally, Israel is the largest export destination for Palestinian goods (about 85%!).

To be consistent BDS should boycott Palestine. Hence the 1+1 poster. As with everything I produce, please share freely.

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About the parody

I am still a little uncertain about the stone throwing Palestinian youth. There are several reasons for my hesitation. The Palestinian David vs. the Israel Goliath is a standard meme coming out of the Destroy Israel Lobby. It serves to hide the active participation of Arab and Muslim states with their conventional armies and unlimited treasuries from 1948 onwards. It also reinforces the Palestinian as victim pathology as if there are weight classes in war. On the other hand introducing him makes one think, which country do I, as a middle-class ‘European/American’, identify with – one that flies planes and uses major brands as I do, OR the masked hooligans with slings  who produce nothing but bloodshed.

Normally, when I produce a parody I make ‘subtle’ changes to the wording or the images that the viewer may have to look closely at the original to notice. Here I left the original alone. The partner image, hopefully, says enough.

Palestine: Nothing we want or use

Interesting reading: Burger Boycott,, 5 Jan 2008

† I can’t vouch for how close the connections are for most of the brands. Apparently selling in Israel is enough.

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