Or vetum, yum yum

Or vetum, yum yum

13 June 2011

When I first checked the Yale Coat of Arms I realised the Hebrew isn’t exactly correct (original for comparison underneath). It should be Urim veTamim (אורים ותמים) usually translated as Light and Truth but I suspect the original graphic artist knew as much Hebrew as I know Chinese and hyphenated for graphic effect leading even native Hebrew speakers to read the logo as the nonsense Urim vetum yum yum (אור ותמ ים ים). Mea culpa. As a graphic artist I’ve been there.

After Yale University closed the unique to the US Interdisciplinary Study of Antisemitism programme† apparently because investigating Jew Hatred from the extreme Right or history is OK but investigating it from the perspective of Left and Muslim antisemitism is a no-no. So I realised that having even dubious Hebrew on the Yale coat of arms is offensive to anyone who believes that universities should really be in the business of spreading light and truth.

My task was clear – Yale University urgently requires new images. Spread them widely.

As Hebrew is clearly inappropriate I have replaced it with Arabic. The text on the book now reads Stupid Infidel. The word Kaffir in Arabic is considered offensive so I chose it in preference to the more objective Dhimmi, meaning a Jew or Christian under the Islamic control. Perhaps Yale doesn’t realise the contempt the same Muslims who campaigned  to close the programme feel for Christians and the West. The Latin motto now reads, Forget Truth.

Yale clearly deserves the not-so-coveted, red clown nose. The once proud Bulldog mascot is now a camel with a red nose, like Rudolph leading the Yalies … who knows where?

Yale Coat of Arms

Stupid infidel - forget truth

Click for 500px version

Yale Bulldogs

Feel free to right click on the modified images and spread virally.

Read about it:

† By the way. What universities have such a programme?

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